Lemur live chat

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  • Messaging via instant messengers and online chat in one widget
  • Direct support agent call. No callbacks needed!
  • Integration with websites and CRM systems in a few clicks
  • Adaptable widget to any kind of website design
  • Customized chat settings according to business needs and preferences
  • Transfer customer data directly to CRM
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Lemur Live Chat:
Taking common approaches
outside of the box


Communicate with your clients
via live-chat or messengers


Integrate lemur live chat to your website and CRM in just couple of minutes


Receive direct calls to support managers directly


Get full client data after the first contact

Social networks and Live chat in One Widget

Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, VK etc are now available for your support service.

Clients can now connect with you via live chat or messenger apps. This enables support agents to deal with requests efficiently within one system. Also allows client information storage in specific CRMs.

Lemur Live Chat
for mobile services

Lemur live chat provides quality services and intuitive interface on any of your customers’ device.

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Special Features

Clients' data storage
and processing within your CRM

Ability to stay incognito while chatting with your customer

Easy color settings of the widget

Manual setting of online and offline working time

Open API for integration with different kinds of CRM and third-party systems


Direct calls to a support service from the chat-widget

Integration with amoCRM

Customer data processing

Integration with CRM

Lemur live chat is now integrated with following CRM systems:

Haven't found yours? Integrate Lemur manually using open API and start collecting customers' data!

Lemur never sleeps

Lemur is available 24/7 for client support and provides round-the-clock regular updates.


Integrate Lemur to your website for $10 per month and use live chat abilities without any limits!
Free trial is available for 14 days, please contact us via online chat to activate it!


If purchasing for
1 month

Full package of features and unlimited messages included.


6 months

If purchasing for
6 months

Full package of features and unlimited messages included.


12 months

If purchasing for
12 months

Full package of features and unlimited messages included.